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Jewel Treasure

Jewel Treasure – is a complete Unity 3D mobile game project that is ready to be launched in Android or iOS game store. This project has all newest game components. Beautiful textures and particles effects. Game has integrated achievements, advertisements, leaderboards, in-app purchases and a lot of other components that will help to keep the audience interested to play the game, but the most important, this Unity project has powerful customize tool where you can easily modify most parts of the game without any coding at all. Game is created using Unity 3D engine so it’s really easy to change every aspect of the game and launch it on different devices. To launch game no coding required, but if you want to change specific game parts you can always do that because all scripts is fully commented with explanation what each line of code does. With this asset you will get fully completed documentation which has more than 40 pages of steps how to setup and prepare your program for launch. In